Tyler McKay

Hi, how are you doing? My name’s Tyler. You will soon read about my life and how I got to the professional standpoint I am in today in this section; though, before I do that, I’ll break down the structure of my website. The site is broken down in a very simple structure with five main pages: the Home page, the Projects page, the Contact page, and the About page.

  • The Home page is basically going to be a page I use to provide updated information about what I’m up to. It will hold any important information I feel you need to know, and may contain references to other sources of information. If I haven’t posted something in a while, you can go to this page to see what’s going on.
  • The Projects page will have all the projects I am currently working on, going to work on, or have already worked on. These projects will be primarily based on my own personal interests, which include (in no particular order):
    • Technical – C++ programming, web development, iOS/OSX development, shell scripting, graphic design/multi-media projects, networking projects, and Raspberry Pi projects.
    • Non-Technical – camping, woodworking, running, weightlifting, and (possibly) beer brewing.

    I have listed the non-technical interests because they may find their way on this site in one way or another; although, I will primarily be posting technical projects. Some of these projects may not even be considered projects, but rather an article: a code snippet here or an anecdote there. In any case, all articles can be found in this section.

  • The Contact page will hold the information you need to contact me. I am open to suggestions for projects and feedback. If you would like me to work on a particular topic or have feedback on something I have written, feel free to contact me and let me know. I appreciate responses and will get to them when I find the time.
  • The About page contains information about myself (both personal and professional), the structure of the website, the content of the website, and any changes made to the website. This site can change at anytime, so if you’re ever confused about a change, go here for an explanation.

Now that I’ve covered my bases explaining the workings of this site, I’ll explain who I am. My name is Tyler McKay, and I’m located in the northern New Jersey area. I am an independent thinker, a passionate designer, and an object-oriented master. I graduated from the University of Maryland with a double major in Mathematics and Physics in 3.5 years. After graduating, I accepted a position for a software company in the Mid-west. My primary role was working on different OS systems (supporting software upgrades, diagnosing performance issues, and handling server/storage migrations), as well as writing Perl and Bash scripts.

Ultimately, I decided to leave that company and return to New Jersey to follow my greatest passion: object-oriented software development. During that time, I had written 3 iOS applications that made it to the Apple App Store. I found maintaining these applications became rather tiresome because I couldn’t share my interest in iOS programming with anyone else. And so, I accepted a software developer position for a finance company in New York City, and I let my apple developer license run out. Currently I work for a healthcare startup in New York City.

With all that said, I plan on sharing my interests through projects/articles posted to this website. I hope you find these articles useful, and I look forward to hearing from you.